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Plastic Rattan Folding Recliner Chair


Kangfeilong is a modern home furnishing enterprise integrating development, production and sales. The main production of tourism supplies, outdoor leisure furniture. Kangfeilong as professional China Plastic Rattan Folding Recliner Chair Suppliers and Plastic Rattan Folding Recliner Chair Company, we manufacturing and supply Plastic Rattan Folding Recliner Chair online. With self-support import and export rights, the company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and export product quality license certification. And passed t he industry's authoritative institutions a number of quality, anti-terrorism and social responsibility audit. Established a good supply and marketing partnership with several major retail giants around the world. The products are mainly sold to Europe, America, Australia, Southeast Asia and other markets, and are deeply trusted and praised by consumers.
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More Information About Plastic Rattan Folding Recliner Chair

1. The difference between Plastic Rattan Folding Recliner Chair and Natural Rattan Folding Recliner Chair is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

(1) Material: Plastic rattan deck chairs are woven from plastic, while natural rattan deck chairs are woven from natural rattan.

(2) Durability: Plastic rattan deck chairs are generally more durable than natural rattan deck chairs, because plastic rattan has better oxidation resistance and wear resistance, is not easily damaged by ultraviolet rays, and is not easily damaged by moisture or temperature. Cracking or deformation occurs due to changes.

(3) Maintenance: Plastic rattan deck chairs are relatively easy to maintain, and only need to be cleaned with water and soap, while natural rattan deck chairs require more careful maintenance and need to avoid moisture and direct sunlight.

(4) Beautiful: The natural rattan recliner has a more natural and graceful appearance, while the plastic rattan recliner is more modern and fashionable.

(5) Price: Generally speaking, the price of plastic rattan recliner is more affordable than natural rattan recliner.

Generally speaking, plastic rattan folding recliners and natural rattan folding recliners have their own advantages and disadvantages, and you need to choose according to your own needs and preferences when choosing.

2. How to Repair The Damaged Plastic Rattan Folding Recliner Chair?

The method of repairing a plastic rattan folding recliner chair depends on the extent of the damage. Here are some possible fixes:

(1) Use plastic solder: If a part of the chair is broken or torn, plastic solder can be used to repair it. First, the broken or torn part is cleaned and sanded so that the solder can adhere better. Then, apply a coat of solder and press the broken part tightly with clamps, allowing the solder to dry completely.

(2) Use glue: If some small parts of the plastic rattan chair are cracked, glue can be used to repair them. First, the chair is cleaned and sanded. Then, apply glue and press the ends of the split together. After waiting for the glue to dry, sand it with sandpaper to smooth the surface.

(3) Replace damaged parts: If the damage of the chair cannot be repaired, consider replacing the damaged parts. This may involve finding a replacement part of the same model, then using a screwdriver or other appropriate tool to remove the original damaged part and install the new part.

Regardless of the repair method, the extent and location of the damage should be carefully inspected first to ensure that the chair is still safe to use after repair.