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Kangfeilong is a modern home furnishing enterprise integrating development, production and sales. The main production of tourism supplies, outdoor leisure furniture. Kangfeilong as professional Wholesale Steel Folding Sun Bed Manufacturers and OEM Fold Up Sun Bed Factory, we manufacturing and supply Steel Folding Sun Bed online. With self-support import and export rights, the company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and export product quality license certification. And passed t he industry's authoritative institutions a number of quality, anti-terrorism and social responsibility audit. Established a good supply and marketing partnership with several major retail giants around the world. The products are mainly sold to Europe, America, Australia, Southeast Asia and other markets, and are deeply trusted and praised by consumers.
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More Information About Steel Folding Sun Bed

1. Can The Steel Folding Sun Bed Be Exposed To The Sun?

The steel folding sun bed can be used in the sun, but prolonged exposure to the sun will cause damage and wear to the sun bed, shortening its service life. Therefore, it is recommended that when using the steel folding sun bed, you should avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, especially in strong sunlight.

If the steel folding sun bed is not in use, it should be stored in a shaded place to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Also, you should avoid storing sun beds in wet areas, which can lead to rust and damage.

If the steel folding sun bed must be placed outdoors for a long time, it is recommended to choose a professional sun mattress with sun protection, waterproof, UV protection and other functions to improve the durability and comfort of the sun bed. At the same time, the sun bed should be cleaned and maintained regularly to prolong its service life.

2. The Difference Between Folding Sun Bed And Folding Recliner Chair

A folding sun bed and a folding recliner chair are two common types of leisure furniture that differ mainly in design and how they are used.

(1) Design difference

The folding sun bed is usually elongated, similar to a bed, and usually has an adjustable backrest and footrest, which can be adjusted freely according to needs. Some folding sun beds are also equipped with sun umbrellas and wheels for easy movement and use.

Recliners are usually chair-like in shape, with an adjustable backrest and foot rests. Most recliners are designed for a single person, while a folding sun bed can usually accommodate two or more people.

(2) Differences in usage

The folding sun bed is usually used for outdoor leisure activities, such as balconies, gardens, beaches, etc. It can lie flat to enjoy the sun, or it can be adjusted to a half-lying and half-sitting state, which is suitable for reading, chatting or enjoying food. The folding sun bed is also suitable for night camping or outdoor picnics, and can provide a comfortable resting place.

Recliners are usually used for indoor leisure activities, such as living rooms, bedrooms, etc., and can be used for taking a nap or watching TV. There are also some recliners designed for the outdoors, but they are usually smaller and lighter than folding sun beds and suitable for portability.

In general, folding sun bed and folding recliner chair have their own suitable use occasions and purposes, and you can choose according to your own needs and actual conditions.

3. Is Steel Folding Sun Bed More Likely To Rust?

The steel folding sun bed is made of steel, which is more prone to rust than reclining chairs made of other materials. However, this does not mean that all steel folding sun beds are easy to rust, and whether they are easy to rust is also related to factors such as their manufacturing process and surface treatment.

Some high-quality steel folding sun beds will adopt advanced production technology and anti-corrosion treatment technology, and the surface will be coated with anti-rust paint or sprayed with anti-rust paint to enhance its anti-corrosion performance. These folding sun beds are relatively more durable and less prone to rust.

However, even a high-quality steel folding sun bed may still develop rust if left in the presence of moisture, rain, and sunlight for extended periods of time. Therefore, when using and storing the steel folding sun bed, care should be taken to avoid long-term exposure to a humid environment, and regular cleaning and maintenance should be performed to prolong its service life.